Getech Partners with the Irish Government

Getech, providers of natural resources exploration expertise, has been appointed by the Irish Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) to be the official release agents for their Irish Continental Shelf Gravity and Magnetic Database.

This remarkable dataset covers all the primary offshore basins on the Irish continental shelf including both the 350 kilometre long Porcupine Basin and the Rockall Trough; a large sedimentary basin which last year was the subject of a study by a team from the University of Aberdeen and whose leader, Dr. Nick Schofield remarked: “The Rockall Basin is one of the most challenging environments on Earth when it comes to hydrocarbon exploration, but our analysis has revealed that one of the barriers to success may have been a misunderstanding of the subsurface geology.”

Given that the DCCAE data totals more than half a million-line kilometres that can be used to address the fundamental questions concerning crustal architecture, basin geometries and sediment thickness in the region, it may be that those misunderstandings will soon be resolved.

Getech Head of Gravity and Magnetic solutions, Simon Campbell, commented: “We are delighted that the DCCAE has chosen Getech to be its official release agent for the Irish Shelf Gravity and Magnetic data. Our unparalleled experience of processing and supplying legacy data coupled with our skills in the generation of integrated value-add products makes Getech uniquely placed to offer this service to the oil industry.”

He continued: “The Gravity and Magnetics constitute an essential partner to seismic and well data to help exploration companies address some of the fundamental questions concerning crustal architecture, basin geometries and sediment thickness”.

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