Niger – Country Focus

Our total support package for Niger provides unique insights into the country to help you better locate, develop and operate geoenergy projects.

The package comprises gravity & magnetic data compilations, depth-to-basement, temperature-depth maps, Globe, ArcGIS productivity extensions and support from our industry geoscience, geophysics and geospatial experts.

Gravity Products

  • Includes a compilation of onshore gravity surveys and our proprietary Multi-Sat data offshore
  • Topography and bathymetry compilation enabling reduction to Bouguer and isostatic residual anomaly
  • Advanced grid derivatives and transforms
  • Complete coverage over offshore areas
  • Full country or sub-area packages
  • Search our interactive data library

Magnetic Products

  • Compilation of numerous reprocessed surveys
  • Reduction-to-pole and advanced processing
  • Depth to basement/sediment thickness from integrated G&M approach constrained by independent data
  • Full country or sub-area packages
  • Search our interactive data library

Temperature-Depth Maps

  • Rapidly screen geothermal sources with subsurface temperature prediction maps
  • Underpinned by Getech’s G&M data, Depth to Basement, global Curie Isotherm and extensive heat flow database
  • View and interrogate global Depth-to-Temperature maps for any required temperature
  • Interrogate global Temperature-at-Depth maps for any required depth
  • Create thermal profiles for any location, globally

Further Insight

We can provide unique market-leading insight into the geological evolution and potential resource prospectivity of specific basins, under-explored areas and frontier regions

GIS Approach

  • Make better exploration decisions by assessing play, mineral & carbon storage prospectivity with our Exploration Analyst software
  • Easily transfer data between ArcGIS and geoscience systems with our Data Assistant software
  • Learn to use ArcGIS using energy data and workflows


  • Understand how the evolution of the planet has controlled the location of natural resources, so you can find them today
  • Globe is a geoscience knowledge-base that reaches back through three hundred million years to provide the evidence that modern day exploration decisions need
  • Interrogate a fully validated plate model
  • Explore high resolution structures with activation histories
  • Traverse 59 consecutive time-slices over 300 million years

The Right Support

  • G&M Services that provide a combination of survey planning, QC, advanced processing and integrated geophysics interpretation
  • Geoscience Services across a range of geological and geophysical applications essential for locating, developing and operating geoenergy projects
  • Geospatial Services to help you maximize your return-on-investment in Esri’s industry-leading ArcGIS platform

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