Getech and Petryx announce database partnership

Getech, providers of natural resources exploration expertise, have partnered with Petryx Ltd, allowing customers in the Oil & Gas industry to view the Petryx Database coverage alongside Getech data products.

The Petryx database offers an unrivalled source of compositional data about the earth. Covering every major continental mass in the world, it offers hinterland data essential to data-driven source-to-sink interpretations.

Thierry Gregorius, Getech Senior Consultant, commented: “We are excited to add this valuable new data resource to the extensive product range that we offer our customers. Explorers and geoscientists will now be able to access global datasets from Petryx through Getech, including geochemistry, geo- and thermochronology, and more. With this step we are offering our customers a growing one-stop shop.”

Managing Director of Petryx Ltd, Lorin Davies says: “We are delighted to have partnered with Getech. This brokerage deal provides much higher visibility of Petryx datasets to Oil & Gas explorers and demonstrates Getech’s commitment to innovation. Deals like this emphasise the many ways in which the Oil & Gas industry can support innovative start-ups like ours.