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Geospatial intelligence for the energy transition – How lessons from Oil and Gas benefit the Renewables sector

Here on earth, almost all energy we use today comes from the sun. Not just solar power, but also wind energy and indeed fossil fuels – derived from organisms that, millions of years ago, drew their energy from the sun too.

In the energy sector, the only thing more ubiquitous than the sun is location. Everything happens somewhere. As obvious as this may sound, the task of using location-based data as a source of business intelligence is not trivial – but it can pay huge dividends.

Check out our latest story map to understand how:

  • Maps reveal energy trends you’d never see looking at a spreadsheet
  • Transferrable skills from decades of oil and gas experience are helping the renewables sector
  • Geospatial intelligence helps unlock opportunities in Wind, Solar, Hydrogen and Carbon Capture (CCS)


Image: Pixabay via Pexels

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Posted by Thierry Gregorius, Principal GIS Consultant