Exprodat Supports the University of Kansas

Exprodat, the oil and gas ArcGIS platform specialist, Esri Gold Partner and Getech Group company, has supported the work of the Department of Geology in the University of Kansas by providing access to its popular Data Assistant software.

The latest version of Data Assistant, which simplifies and speeds up the process of importing and exporting common exploration data into the Esri environment, now supports additional formats and the newest versions of ArcGIS Desktop.

Students will now be able to easily import crucial information from SEG-Y, SPS, Petrel, Kingdom, SeisWorks, OpenWorks and a host of other commercial exploration and production software and formats.Chris Jepps, Exprodat Chief Operating Officer, explains why the company decided to support the University; “We continue to work closely with academic departments whenever we can as we like to help ensure that students gain experience of working with products that they will be using in their careers following their studies. Through this relationship, we believe that students of the Kansas University Geology Department can work faster and smarter, while adding to the industry experience component of their CVs in order to be even more attractive to future employers.”

Jeffrey Jennings, Master’s Student at the University of Kansas, added “This software allows for my subsurface risk analysis project to be completed in a very timely and accurate manner. Being able to take my data from Petrel into ArcGIS allows for my research to benefit from each program’s strengths and achieve the strongest results possible. Having industry relationships and support of the research is amazing!

For more information about the benefits of using Exprodat software visit the Exprodat website.