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Our Government Service team has designed, managed and supported licence and bidding rounds for country’s all over the world and we understand how to create the greatest return for you.


Underpinning our work is the world’s most extensive commercial library of gravity and magnetic data and Globe, our flagship New Ventures platform. Our growing international reputation for the delivery of high-quality commissioned work is founded on our strong multidisciplinary approach, drawing on the diverse skills of over 60 geoscientists, to deliver technically innovative solutions to clients in the oil, gas and minerals industries.

Our project teams are led by experienced senior geoscientists, many of whom have industry backgrounds which gives them an unrivalled insight into the exploration problems faced by our clients. Team members have proven track records of applying petroleum geological techniques to exploration problems at regional, basin and prospect scales in a diversity of geographic areas and tectonic settings.

With a strong research heritage and world-leading capabilities, several of our staff are internationally recognised experts in their fields. Rigorous project scoping is undertaken at project inception, in full consultation with the clients; this ensures that fit-for-purpose solutions are delivered in timely fashion through a rigorously-implemented project management process.

Typical commissions may include the interpretation of gravity and magnetic data, depth-to-basement studies, plate modelling, palaeogeographic mapping, palaeoclimate modelling, play fairway definition and petroleum systems analysis. Project scales vary from continental-scale tectonic reconstructions and regional basin screening, particularly of frontier exploration provinces, to prospectivity evaluations and petroleum systems analysis on the sub-basin to block scale. Integration of clients’ proprietary data with our own provides the optimal platform from which we deliver robust geological interpretations, precisely constrained within the regional palaeogeographic and structural framework. All client-commissioned work is carried out on a strictly confidential basis.


Getech offers practical training courses, ranging from introductory to specialist levels, all of which can be customised to suit clients’ technical requirements and budgets. We can deliver the courses at clients’ premises worldwide or at our offices in Leeds, UK.

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