Airborne Geophysics

Getech’s 25 years’ experience providing gravity and magnetic data services to the oil and minerals industries includes offering clients a bespoke management package for the planning, acquisition QC and interpretation of airborne and ground geophysical surveys. These surveys are typically acquired in the initial stages of exploration of new acreage or Blocks, and are used for high grading/de-risking areas for more detailed investigation.

We offer an independent view and can call upon the experience of specialist geophysicists who, in light of the client’s aims and objectives, who will do the following:

  • Collate and review all existing gravity and magnetic data that may be available either in Getech’s extensive holdings or from other sources.
  • Undertake a geophysical feasibility modelling study based on the geological setting and all other geophysical and geological data available.


  • Design a survey with optimum acquisition parameters for the specified target(s) / objective(s) which would usually comprise aeromagnetic data acquisition along with either conventional gravity or gravity gradiometer (sometimes known as FTG) data.
  • Issue tender documents to appropriate and experienced acquisition companies in the industry.
  • Review the bids and advise the client on the respective technical capability of the submissions.
  • Provide independent quality control of the survey acquisition in close cooperation with the chosen contractor.
  • Undertake an integrated interpretation using the new data to address the client’s requirements.

Our aim is to represent the client to help the acquisition contractor collect and processes the best data set possible to address the particular exploration requirements.


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