Airborne Geophysics Acquisition Services

You can make better decisions about areas to explore in more detail with the right gravity and magnetic data.

We support explorationists around the world with independent advice based upon over 150 man-years of experience of providing gravity and magnetic data.

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line levelling of magnetic data after

Line levelling of mag data before

We will:

  • Collate and review all existing gravity and magnetic data┬áin our huge library or other sources.
  • Undertake a geophysical feasibility modelling study.
  • Design a survey with optimum acquisition parameters for the specified target.
  • Issue tender documents to appropriate and experienced acquisition companies.
  • Review the bids and advise you on the respective technical capability of the submissions.
  • Provide independent quality control of the survey acquisition.
  • Undertake an integrated interpretation using the new data

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