AIM Rule 26

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Getech Group plc

Registered Office
Kitson House, Elmete Hall, Elmete Lane, Leeds. LS8 2LJ

Incorporated and registered in England and Wales under
the Companies Act under registration number 2891368

Main Country of Operation
Leeds, United Kingdom

Other countries of operation
United States of America

UK VAT number
758 4466 86


Corporate Statement

Getech Group plc is a leading consultancy providing geological and geophysical services to the oil, gas and mining industry. The client base comprises all the major and many smaller oil companies, as well as a number of major mining companies.

The Company is based in Leeds, England, where it has more than 90 staff. It also has a subsidiary in Houston, Texas which operates primarily as a marketing entity. The Company originated as a spin-out from the University of Leeds, and since it started trading in 1986 has acquired the largest commercially available library of global gravity and magnetic data. In September 2005 the Company floated on the UK AIM stock market.

In 2004 it established the Petroleum Systems Group. Since then it has built a multidisciplinary geoscience team which includes: geophysics, structural and tectonic analysis, geochemistry, palaeogeographic mapping, petroleum geology and palaeoclimatology. The Company maintains its technical quality and reputation through the quality and reputations of its staff and continuing innovation.

Jonathan Copus


The Board is responsible for formulating, reviewing and approving the Company’s strategies, budgets and corporate actions. The Directors have responsibility for, and recognize the importance of implementing and maintaining, high standards of corporate governance, and intend that the Company will comply with the Combined Code and the Quoted Companies Alliance’s ‘Guidance for Smaller Quoted Companies’ in such respects as are appropriate for a company of its size, nature and stage of development. The Board has established an audit committee and a remuneration committee (each comprising at least two of the non-executive directors, who will invite other members of the Board to join meetings) with formally delegated duties and responsibilities.

Takeover Code

The Company is subject to the UK City Code on takeovers and mergers.


Shares: 37,563,615 issued ordinary shares
Insofar as the company is aware 21% of shares are not in public hands
Getech Group plc — major shareholders as at 9th November 2020:

BGF Investments 16%
Eiffel Investments 15%
Canaccord Genuity 11%
Premier Miton 10%
Chris Green 5%
Peter Stephens 5%
Derek Fairhead 4%
Hargreaves Lansdown 4%

Articles of Association

Memorandum of Association

Admission Document

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s shares.
Last updated 30st April 2020