Optional Modules

Additional modules are now available to Globe members.

These modules have been specially designed as standalone ones that members can choose to purchase in addition to the core modules of Globe.

  • Geophysics Module
  • Paleozoic Module
  • Advanced Earth System Modelling Module
  • Crustal Architecture Module
  • Global Surface Geology Module
  • Advanced Lithofacies Prediction Module
  • Global Thematic Layers Module
maastrichitian ocean upwelling

Maastrichtian ocean upwelling at ocean surface for Dec–Jan–Feb season.

Geophysics Module

The Geophysics Module provides options to purchase:

Paleozoic Module

This module extends our palaeogeographic atlases back into the Paleozoic and late Precambrian, and is underpinned by our latest plate tectonic model, high-resolution structural mapping and new crustal architecture definitions.

Advanced Earth System Modelling Module

This module provides users with access to the complete suite of key output variables from the ocean, atmosphere, vegetation, tide and wave models. It also provides access to our climate proxy database and sensitivity experiments.

Crustal Architecture Module

This module brings together the following key Globe layers that define the distribution and character of the crust, which includes:

  • Getech’s new classification of crustal types, with particular attention to transitional crustal domains.
  • New global depth-to-basement and crustal thickness coverage.
  • Global beta factors databases.
  • Global sediment thickness.

Global Surface Geology Module

This is a global database of the current surface geology of the world in ArcGIS™, with bedrock, age and reference information.

Advanced Lithofacies Prediction Module

This module provides users with the following features:

  • Full database of our Lithofacies Prediction workflows
  • Getech’s Lithofacies Modelling Toolkit
  • Biogeochemical Modelling results

Global Thematic Layers Module

The Global Thematic Layers are focused datasets designed to examine the exploration significance of specific depositional settings and facies. The following thematic layers are currently being built and will soon be available to purchase individually:

  • Global deltas
  • Global turbidites
  • Global carbonates
  • Global fluvial systems

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