Core Modules

Members of Globe are offered the following core modules when they join:

Additional optional modules are also available to Globe members.

Campanian topography and bathymetry

Campanian palaeotopography and palaeobathymetry

Tectonics Module

  • Structural framework – including databases of structural and tectonic elements with comprehensive attribution and linked activation tables.
  • Crustal architecture – built on our libraries of gravity and magnetic data, multi-client library and growing database of seismic, section and 2D profile lines, this provides the foundation of our understanding of the geological evolution of all areas of the Earth. An understanding of crustal architecture is fundamental to plate modelling. Additional databases include a new remapping of the world’s igneous features (both intrusives and extrusives), and a reclassification and remapping of crustal types and Precambrian crustal fabrics.

Palaeogeography Module

  • ArcGIS™ depositional environment and tectonic maps for each of the 59 Stages going back to the beginning of the Permian.
  • Palaeodrainage reconstuctions for all 59 Stages.
  • Elevation models (PalaeoDEMS: palaeotopography and palaeobathymetry) for all 59 Stages.

Earth System Modelling Module

  • Includes the most comprehensive assessment of the palaeoclimatic evolution of the Earth ever considered in academia or industry.
  • Atmospheric and ocean modelling.
  • Land surface and vegetation modelling.
  • Tide and wave modelling.
  • Palaeoclimate observational data.
  • Sensitivity experiments.

Global Plate Model

  • As data libraries grow our understanding of the history of the Earth changes, and this is nowhere more clear than in our plate modelling work. All regional solutions are tested and fit within a global plate circuit to ensure continuity.
Training, consultancy and workshops
  • Annual open meeting for all Globe members
  • Technical workshops
  • Consultancy


Globe members are able to opt into future layer developments and updates for a very competitive maintenance arrangement.